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First try at Pleiades and Horsehead nebula


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Hi all,

Last night I had my second experience using my rig for EEVA and had a great time looking at the Pleiades:


And the Horsehead nébula:


Both were obtained by using darks, flats and without guiding. Curiously, CPWI's local database does not seem to have indexed the Horsehead nebula. Anyhow, I managed to find it by introducing its RA and Dec (obtained from the wikipedia).

The gear:

  • Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50-ED
  • Celestron CPC 800 XLT (used as goto mount) 
  • Optolong UHC
  • Risingcam GPCMOS01200KPC (IMX224 color)

The software:

  • CPWI
  • SharpCap


Thanks for looking,





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24 minutes ago, Martin Meredith said:

Nice work. Are you up above the light pollution on Tenerife?

BTW I don't know CPWI but perhaps you can find the HH using its Barnard designation (B33)?

Hi Martin, Nope, light pollution where I live is pretty bad. My house is located in a two-line avenue, plagued with 8 meter high street lights 😞. This is why I "had to make" a little observatory on the 2nd floor at the back, where it is more or less covered from their direct light (which is where I took these screen captures). Yes, I tried looking for Barnard 33, but couldn't find it.

Best regards,



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