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Now you see me..... now you don't (Orion)

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I think we all know how bad the weather has recently been in UK and this is the kind of weather we are fighting against for any visual. I though the sky looked great last night and while I was setting my Dob, I put my mobile (Pixel 4a) against a rock on astrophotography mode (4 min) and that's what the beautiful night sky turned for the rest of the night.


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39 minutes ago, Epick Crom said:

Great video Kon. Unfortunately those clouds moved in super quick hey!?

Yes the weather has been absolutely pants recently. It's nearly a 5-6 weeks since my last proper night out, so I really enjoy reading your reports.

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@KimbomanI had the most memorable Orion viewing at the beginning of season but since then it has been a struggle. The few times it has been clear, it has not lasted more than 15-30mins Max. It is sad looking at the observing section and there are hardly any reports from the past few weeks.

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Hi again earlier this evening it looked promising, I set up my Celestron se150 as I wanted to check its collimation, Polaris was visible as I use this as my target .

I had just locked on to Polaris as the clouds started to roll in obliterating Polaris, but just beneath Polaris was a clear patch and a marvellous meteor zoomed past so it was worth the effort

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