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  1. Thanks Wookie! True the moonlight does affect the seperation, but there is something magical about the star colours in moonlight. Hope you have some clear nights comming up
  2. Nice one Doug! Meissa is a fantastic target, I've spent time admiring that region. I like how the stars form a line with Meissa somewhat in the centre. I did not know it was a line of sight double, thanks for that! Wishing you clear skies.
  3. Hi my fellow stargazers! With the moon out in full force, last night was the perfect time to focus exclusively on double stars. Seeing was steady, and I always find the moonshine gives double stars an added visual charm. I started by visiting Orion, a hotbed for doubles, to try and split Eta Orionis. Got a nice split at 267x through my 10". Was pleased to have split it as I hadn't succeeded previously. Next up was Tegmine in Cancer and Algieba in Leo. Both beautiful systems, spent some time admiring them bathed in moonlight. Next up was another new discovery for me, the lovely double star
  4. Hi my fellow stargazers! The sky was absolutely moon bleached last night and glowing light blue from the moonshine. This did not deter me from getting in a 1hr session with my trusty 10 inch dob. Even managed to nab a few faint targets! NGC 4833: Fainter than expected due to moonlight. First time observing this globular cluster in Musca. Loose globular Algieba: Pretty double star in Leo, first time splitting it. Nice colour! Mars: Now far from us, looked like a boiling orange gibbous disk low in the west. Viewed both the Orion and Carina nebula to compare them under the moo
  5. Nice report Kon! Like you I too had a look at the moon last night and am starting to learn it's features/ names. I highly recommend you download Moon Atlas 3D app from App Store. I downloaded it a few days ago and it's a great lunar map, really has sparked my interest in lunar observing. Hope you have more clear nights!
  6. It is difficult to express in words the feelings we get when seeing something absolutely mind-blowing in the night sky. I know exactly what you mean, it's beautiful beyond description
  7. Hi again Alex. I joined here two months ago still a bit new as well, you might be right maybe you will get good answers in imaging section. The Eta Carina region is amazing, you will get great photo opportunities there! Good luck in finding out what that was, Im sure it was a passing satellite as I see several passing by through my telescope almost every observing session. Cheers
  8. Hi Alex and welcome to Stargazers Lounge! I observe from the Southern Hemisphere like you but have zero experience with Astrophotography, I'm purely a visual observer. I know the region around Lambda Centauri well from my observations there, my best guess is that it's a satellite? Strange shape though! I'm sure someone with knowledge of Astrophotography will give you a better answer . Cheers
  9. I enjoyed reading your report It's true there are lots of ways in which you can get things wrong in this great hobby of ours. This makes the times when things go right all the more satisfying! Clear skies mate
  10. Thanks Jiggy! Yeah it took a while but I'm chuffed to add it to my "collection"
  11. Nice report John! You covered a lot of sky and got to see lots of targets, which always makes a great night
  12. Hi John. Thank you for your detailed guide to locating M 78, that helped a lot! Must look good in your refractor. Thanks again
  13. Hi my fellow stargazers! I was tired last night after having to get up really early for work in the morning. Body was unwilling but mind wasn't! I had a mini 30min session that ultimately reaped a great reward! I began by observing the star 1 Geminorum and it's surroundings. This star is a double so I hit it with my highest magnification but was unable to split it. According to Sky Safari it's seperation is 0.1" so no wonder I couldn't split it! I visited M 35 and discovered the loose open cluster NGC 2129 near 1 Gem. I then scanned the area by Orion's belt and,guided by the red star V1197, re
  14. Good job getting the Intergalactic Wanderer. That globular is an incredible 300,000 light years away!
  15. The Magellanic Clouds and 47 Tucanae are great objects to observe! I hope you get the opportunity to do it again once things settle down
  16. Thanks Kon I will attempt finding M 78 on the next new moon night, my skies aren't the best as I'm 8km from the city centre. Cheers
  17. I'm sure it must have seemed strange to you! That's why we are the land down under
  18. Thank you John, I will try your method first chance I get! Yes it's upside down for me here Down Under but all good. I will try my low power 68 degree eyepiece. Thanks
  19. Thanks Waddensky. I'm having trouble locating the two stars yourself and Jiggy have mentioned, but I will keep at it nonetheless. Thanks for your advice
  20. Thanks for the tip Jiggy! M78 is sure being awkward, I've got the field of view from Sky Safari buy alas still no luck. I will keep trying until I find it!
  21. Nice report Jiggy. I can tell you love your Planetaries! Nice haul of objects you got there!
  22. Hi my fellow stargazers! Despite far from ideal conditions ( high humidity and some LP making the sky glow) I decided to lug out my 10" dob and logged a 1hr session. Gamma Leporis: Lovely double star seen for the first time. Nice yellow/ golden combination. IC 2944: Wide open cluster in Centaurus, also observed the nebula IC 2948 surrounding Lambda Centauri. Nice blue glow. Alpha Crucis : Beautiful double star in the Southern Cross (Crux) Twin blue beacons! Carina Nebula: Looked stunning despite the LP, the Homunculus nebula around Eta Carina looked outstanding, glowing a
  23. Hi Kon, yeah a completely different feeling from the night before! I took a while to find M1 but saw it finally about a week ago. You are right it is a gorgeous target! Hope you have a successful night hunting those elusive fuzzies
  24. Interesting Michael, the view through a 20" must have been incredible! Aquarius is currently out of view but I will hunt for the Saturn nebula as soon as it is viewable.
  25. Nice thorough report . Is that frost on your scope? Sound like you had a great time
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