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My pet hate - Synscan Named Stars!!


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I've just "extracted" 201 Named Stars from the V3 Synscan database. It actually says on page 8 of the manual that there are 212, but I find some are duplicates!!!

My gripe is: who, I mean who! would know where "Muhlifain" is if asked to accept as an alignment star; or "Prijipati"!! The spelling's wrong according to CdC V3 and so obscure it's meaningless!!

I accept probably the top 10 or even twenty bright stars are well known by name; but 212 of them!!!

Why doesn't SkyWatcher at least give the option of using Bayer identifiers!! At least then we know the constellation we should be looking at.

(Gama Canis Major or Delta Aurigae - are much easier to identify with!)

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I downloaded a set of charts from the Skywatcher site a few weeks ago which lists all the stars and has maps showing where they are. If you can't find it let me know and I will send you a copy.



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The use of (to me) obscure star names is what drove me to use EQMOD.

I'm ashamed to admit that I had to look up the name in SkyMap on my laptop before I could decide if it was suitable. Now I just look for whatever is visible in the area that interests me and right click on it in SkyMap. The handset has not been used since December 2007.


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I did a similar think printing out star-charts for the Meade Autostar ones ...

I usually pick a few likely candidates before heading out using Stellarium... I have now downloaded all the additional star catalogues for it as well... need to update the version on the obs latop... no time like the present I suppose...


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