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Boots for winter and cold night observing?


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On 19/11/2021 at 01:05, Stu said:

I use Arctic Muckboots after a recommendation from @PeterW. Very pleased with them. I agree about not ‘over socking’, don’t cram everything in. I use a pair of these thermal socks too. Nice and toastie.



++1 for Arctic Muckboots and Heat Holder socks …. I suffer from cold extremities and this combo really works.

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Having taken on board all the suggestions in this thread, I have bought snow-boots and thermal socks.

The socks are 4.7 tog Heat Control, really thick and very warm. Less than £5 from an army surplus store, but brand new.


In a stroke of luck I found the snow boots in a local charity shop for £3.

They are a bigger size than my feet (9.5 vs 😎 and the 'inner-boot' isn't particularly thick. However, this does allow plenty of room for the thermal socks (and blood to circulate)


With the rare clear skies last night, I had the chance to test them out in -2.4℃ conditions, whilst using my scope on my patio, which ended up like a skating rink !

After 3 hours the only issue was the top of my toes were a little cool, which I suspect was due to the thin inner-boot.

Maybe an extra pair of socks may solve this as there is plenty of room, but for less than £10 it was nice not to have feet like ice blocks!


My fingers were another story, but that would be better served with a new thread on warm gloves !! :) 

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