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Summer Triangle Challenge

A brace of TALs

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With time on my hands this afternoon, I decided to  mount the 6" TAL reflector on the Az100.  I bought this  just days before the first lockdown and done nothing with it  because of the ongoing refurbishment of  the refractor on the left with a 4" TAL objective in a Skywatcher tube , and the more recent 4 1/2" f14  AE Ltd  scope.  This past week presented me with three excellent observing sessions and I chose today to discover that having both scopes mounted would be fun and give me a good range. Luckily, I had in my box of bits , all that I needed to get the bino to work in the reflector.

The mirror is in pristine condition.

It looks  like several days of cloudwatching  now before I discover how good the  reflector is.



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Looks an interesting collection of vintage scopes building up.
I will be interested how the AZ100 with a reflector performs, as this is more set up for a refractor.

Is the 6" Tal a n f6 scope? I cannot remember what they were, other than nice scopes.
I always wanted a 6" reflector in the day, but had insufficient funds to even buy the 4" version.


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The reflector is a 6" f8 Al, and the Az100 handles it with ease as it does my long focus refractors.   I will not of course use the slow mo control, but nudge the scope as you would a Dobsonian.  The settle time is under 2 seconds and I can reach zenith .  I wish I had done this several nights ago while trying to see Sirius B with my 4", it would have been interesting.

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@Alan White:

if you are in doubt should you buy TAL-2 (150 mm f/8) - DONT BE!

It is fantastic scope, razor sharp on planets (checked again at recent Jupiter and Saturn opposition).

Side by side with Takahashi 100DC APO, nothing to be shamed off, with only fraction of TAK price....

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