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A Few Images From 23rd September


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When it comes to processing, I am a bit of a slow-coach !  Here are a few images that I have just completed.  I have started shooting 1 minute and 20 second AVI's  on Jupiter and  up to 3 minutes on Saturn.  Before I was only doing 45 to 50 seconds on both. 
As a result I think there is a bit of an improvement.  Thanks to Neil on this forum, I am also hitting RGB Balance button in Registax, which I was not doing before !  Lol
Trouble is where I live the seeing always seems turbulent, mainly due sea breezes from living close to the coast in West Wales UK.  The planets are virtually bubbling on my laptop screen.  Never mind "keep calm and carry on" as they say !

Intes MK67 Maksutov on NEQ6 Mount.  ZWO ASA 178MC Camera.  x2 Barlow  used on three of the images.

Imaged at the scope using SharpCap in RAW8 mode. Afterwards processed through PIPP, AS3, Registax and Affinity Photo.







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11 hours ago, orion25 said:

Great images especially considering the conditions. I like the wider field images of Jupiter with the moons. The colors on Saturn are pretty amazing!

Regards, Reggie🚀

Hi Reggie,

Many thanks for your comments 



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