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Good luck with my 4mm plossl eyepiece


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Hi all

Tonight has been alright for me i saw Arcturus at around 21:30 and i saw the variable and double star Izar,around 22:19 both are in Bootes.and the best thing was i saw them with my 4 mm plossl.The reason (and i ain`t just saying this)that i didn`t see much was because it took me ages to find the constellations.because i ain`t had clear Skies for months and the last constellations i saw was Virgo.

I just wish it would get darker sooner cause then i will be able to get more observing done then.And plus my garden`s is polluted with light from the moon and light from the living room(My dad with the light on doing a puzzle)and light from the lampost out the front.That`s how bad observing is.oh well still got tomorrow.

Doing some Solar observing tomorrow and hopefully doing some more observing tomorrow night.

Hope all of you have had a better night then what i`ve had

Clear skies to you all

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Didn't get to go out at all myself Moon hunter (btw whats your name? I feel a bit of a idiot calling you Moonhunter) last night. I'd been out the night before and my son has decided that 5:30 is getting up time :)

Last night down here was very wet - not rian - but dew. I looked out of the window and there was almost mist lying around and the car was covered in dew even by 10pm - so last night would have been a waste of time...

Sounds like you getting to grips with it - Don;t worry to evenings are drawing in now. You can be out observing by 10pm now - soon it will be 9pm... and then we'll vlouded out for the winter till around May 2006 :)


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Good viewing, Carl!

Tuesdays is one of my training nights, so I tend not to (mind you, if I had a bigger scope......).

Seems a shame to wish the summer (summer, ha!) away, but bring on the clear dark skies :)


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