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QHY 294C Pro / ZWO 294MC Pro 47mp Unlock Modes


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29 minutes ago, AndyThilo said:


Anyone know if the bayer matrix is still intact in the new Bin 1 mode? I.E will I be able to debayer the 47mp images? 

Thanks :)

Then bin 1 mode only works on the mono camera as the matrix on the OSC is made up of 2x2 super pixels as opposed to the standard RGGB pattern. 

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For all of you who work with PixInsight. I have figured out and posted a new script for demosaicing a QuadBayerMatrix, such as for QHY294C in read mode 1.
The results are really good if not excellent. For more informations see:

I've uploaded an example for what I could do with my 47k light frames.


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Posted (edited)
22 minutes ago, licho52 said:

The image seems very low-res?  The stars are huge. What scope was it taken with?

I'd have to agree with you, on the face of it a pretty poor image to use to show the benefits of a new tool. Having said the the poster hasn't been back since they put this up there so we may not get an answer....

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