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Grab and Go mount decision for 7kg load


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Spent a week or two trawling through various posts trying to help me decide on a new grab and go mount - all very confusing so have tried to capture key buying info (for me) in the table below. The Cost column is base cost only and doesn't take into account shipping, import fees etc (which I appreciate will be high for some of the options - fortunately that's not a key criteria).

I have a Mak127 and will use with a Binotron, WO diagonal and 24mm Panoptics - reckon the payload here is around 7kg. I will be paring the mount with a Gitzo tripod (TBC) and the set up must be genuinely lightweight overall AND allow me to fit encoders for a Nexus DSC.

Judging by the list below the Ayo VAMO, DSV-1 and M2c appear to be the front runners - any thoughts? Not sure if the slow motion controls are deal breakers?


Mount Cost Weight (kg) Load capacity (kg) Slow motion controls Nexus DSC? AZ brake? General comments
Vixen Porta ii (inc. tripod) £250 2.2kg 5kg Yes Yes No Does not meet load requirements
AZ5 £135 2.3kg 5kg Yes No Yes Does not meet load requirements
AZ4 £135 1.2kg 6.5kg No No Yes Only sold with tripod (not sure about weight) - no Nexus
Ayo VAMO traveller £390 1.3kg 7kg No Yes No Contender
Ayo II £390 3.0kg 8kg No Yes No Contender
Vixen Advanced Polaris APZ £530 2.2kg 8kg Yes No No Discount as no Nexus
Giro Ercole £350 3.85kg 10kg No No Yes Discount as too heavy / no Nexus
DSV-1 £150 2.2kg >10kg No Yes No Add import fees & shipping. Contender
DSV-2b £390 4kg >10kg No Yes Yes Add import fees & shipping. Includes heavy QBS - discount
M2C £270 1.8kg 12kg No Yes No Is the weight correct?? Add import fees & shipping. Contender


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Yes, I use it with the Nexus II.  But I think you can also use the DSC.  I have used it with an TMB/LZOS/APM 105/650, loaded with 50mm finder, 2" diagonal and whatever eypiece without a problem.


BTW, I have been using a Giro 2 for 20 years or so, and it's still a great performer.  The counterweight is probably need for 6kg+, to get the smoothest result.

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I have an M2, not the “c”. It came with a rather tall pillar which is what I “grab” when I want to take it out. It’s very good once the tripod head is levelled and the fore-and-aft balance of the scope is set. You can set the friction knobs to very light and the thing is as smooth as you like., responding to fingertip touch.

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51 minutes ago, Trentend said:

Not sure if the Tecnosky elle v2 is more for binoculars? Presume would need a few more parts for the mak137 to fit? Looks very nice though.


It just needs a saddle and then clamp your dovetail to it.  Job done.

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Another option is the Tecnosky Cubo. With lighter APOs I've used mine without the balance weight bar and with an LZOS100/800 andTSA-120 weight counterweights. I recommend using the Tecnosky half-pier between the head and the tripod for additional clearance. 

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