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Question about mating a DSLR onto a sykywatcher 200P

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Firstly i have been through the primers and completed a brief search on my subject through the forum, ift the answer was there then apologies for missing it.

I have a fairly simple question that hopefully some of you can help me with..

I have my Skywatcher 200P (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=200eq5) and I now have my Canon 1000D (thank you santa).

So the next step is to mate them together and I understand that I should stick with the 2” route.

So my question is should I go down the route of a T-Ring and T-Mount:

T-Ring http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=tadaptor

T Mount http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=ae2inchadapter

Or should I go down the all in one route with this device: Max DSLR Camera Adaptor


The reason I ask is that although the Max DSLR Camera Adaptor offers a saving over getting the two T units, it removes the potential use of T-thread Extension such as this one


(am I right in thinking I may need these to aid my focus..?)

My final question is a really stupid one, Given that I have directly connected the camera to the telescope, am I limited to a locked magnification? Or is there any way to use my telescope lens / camera lens or other..?

Cheers for any help peeps, i cannot wait to get this sorted in my head and ordered :hello2:

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in theory all you need with that scope is the t ring as it has a t thread on the focusser, you can always use teleconverters between the camera body and t ring. also i think the spacer kit also alters your magnification though i'm not 100% on that ( waiting for my kit to arrive, ordered one yesterday from flo, needed extra length on the focusser of my c80 ed )

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The other option of course is to use a web cam, film etc what you want then break the video down into seperate files and stack them via registax etc. Mounting the camera directly to the Skywatcher will give you some brilliant results with time and patience. The trick is to learn how to bering the camera into focus, that takes time etc to pick up, however a hatman mask will help big time. I always when looking deep had the camera on infinity and the bulb setting. Make sure also that you get an automatic shuter release otherwise that will cause you no end of problems pressing the cameras own button, wobble etc.

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You would only have to buy a T-Ring for your Canon, by removing the Focuser from the scope, then threading the t-ring onto the scope, afterwards you can fit your 1000D onto it. Bear in mind this will provide Prime Focus imaging, if you want to start adding filters to your imaging setup, you might have a problem with inward focusing (i think thats what they call it), as I was advised by FLO, I would have to change the Standard Crayford Focuser on my 200P to a Low Profile one.

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Cheers for the advice, one Canon T ring to be ordered later today. :hello2:

I have another £80 to spend so any advice on what i should get? new eyepiece? or a filter? my set up is so basic i only have what came with the scope and Camera.. Although the remote shutter release for the camera is on the list - bit of an issue finding one to be honest, jacobs seems over priced and amazon is a mess for that sort of thing. ooo how about a Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece, the camera will mount on to it... oooooo.... :shock:

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