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Backlash on a new synscan Goto/4" skymax 102 system (and a finderscope question)

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Hi all, just starting out and whilst experimenting with the new 'scope and it's goto mount, I realised immediately that there is a certain amount of backlash in the goto drive (Xmas present of a 4" Skymax 102 with a synscan Goto from Optical Vision of Woolpit via a cameral dealer in Cobham!).

How much is acceptable, but more interestingly how do you qunatify the amount of backlash - it seems the drive gears are working for about half a second before there is any shift in the scope view. Its all new kit and I'm not sure if it's working as it should?

The finder-scope question is a simple one. How do I ensure that the finder-scope says rock-solid aligned to the scope once set up? The very nature of the finder means its possible to move it anytime!


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If you look through the synscan manual, there should be a section about adjusting backlash. Not that I've got anything to hand, but I think the backlash function on the handset is in the utilities menu.

The finder normally stays where it is without any adjustment even if you take it off the scope. I can't say I've had to do any major adjustmens to any of mine after the initial alignment was done.


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It sounds like it needs adjusting if there's a noticeable delay. I'd have a chat with your dealer before you open it up to adjust the mesh as this may invalidate your warranty.

BTW I know on the old Synscan form way back when you could adjust the backlash from the handset, I'm not familiar with the newer versions as I use EQmod.

Good luck

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