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  1. ...with either Firefox (v3.0.5) or IE (v7.0.5730.13) both under XP-Pro SP2. Am I having a "senior moment" or is there something I need to change on my set-up? Thanks.
  2. I have a new scope, I'm a novice, rather than just gawping at random objects in the sky, what might a be a useful approach for deciding what to look at? I want to put some structure to how I use the scope, and learn more intelligently in the process. What do you suggest would be a good star/lunar/planetary etc-gazing approach?
  3. Hi all, just starting out and whilst experimenting with the new 'scope and it's goto mount, I realised immediately that there is a certain amount of backlash in the goto drive (Xmas present of a 4" Skymax 102 with a synscan Goto from Optical Vision of Woolpit via a cameral dealer in Cobham!). How much is acceptable, but more interestingly how do you qunatify the amount of backlash - it seems the drive gears are working for about half a second before there is any shift in the scope view. Its all new kit and I'm not sure if it's working as it should? The finder-scope question is a simple one. How do I ensure that the finder-scope says rock-solid aligned to the scope once set up? The very nature of the finder means its possible to move it anytime! Thanks!
  4. Hi, complete novice here. Found this board and after browsing have decided to join! Looking to interacting with members and maybe meet a few local Surrey people too? Thanks, Russell.
  5. I'd mentioned last summer (was it really a summer?), that I'd have a glimpse of Jupiter and its moons through a simple telescope and how blown away I was by the view. So, here I am now having unwrapped my Xmas presents to find my inlaws have given me Skymax/Skywatcher 102 - a four-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain, with the Synscan Mount and Goto controller, plus a tripod - which seems to have come from Optical Vision in Woolpit, Suffolk, via a camera shop in Cobham! Now, I'm a reasonably technically capable person, but the box arrived containing a bunch of parts, the Goto controller, the tripod and some "accessories" such as A 2 x Barlow Lens A Super 10mm (Lens I think) A Wide Angle Long Eye Relief (Eyepiece/Lens of some sort I think). I don't know what any of these parts are REALLY supposed to be used for - I can see that some will fit together, but that's based on NO underlying knowledge. Rather disappointingly, the box contains not a single word of documentation referring to the telescope tube or accessories AT ALL, and not the world’s most detailed instructions for the Synscan Go-to controller. This is a MAJOR short-coming from my perspective. So, I'm very excited about getting this lot set up and having the chance to view some interesting stuff, but where do I start? I know pretty well nothing about telescopes and astronomy (although I don't find it at all hard to grasp the theory). Even the initial alignment (Brightest Star?) of the Goto seems vaque - it seems to pre-suppose that I know the name of the star/planet that I can see at about 230 degr' and about 25 degr' elevation, to identify it in the catalogue of the synscan. I don't know what I'm looking at! So I thought it best to join a UK forum, and start investigating before I break anything! How should I go about setting the scope up and aligning it etc etc??? All suggestions welcome. I'm in Surrey (Leatherhead), and have a reasonable view to the S/SW out of the front of my house. Many thanks for any help! Russell.
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