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JANUARY 20TH - MOON 21.5% ILL 25.07 DAYS - Not long to go now!


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Out this morning at 6.00 am in completely cloudy conditions to try and observe the Moon.  You might wonder why anyone would be so daft - perhaps apart from anyone who knows me very well that is.  The reason is that a couple of days after  the last new Moon ( on Dec 26th) I had a good run of successive days of taking a pic and observing the Moon - from the 28th Dec until January 8th.  By this time I made my mind up to see how many observations I could do in the lunar month until the next new Moon on January 24th.  I was out in cloudy sky this morning as I want get in as many more sessions as I can manage before this period is up - and desperate measures are called for!  I won't let on yet how many days I'm up to until after the new Moon, but this may have been the last I'll be able to manage.  Anyway, just so you know, I'm not completely crazy - honest!

Amazingly there was some slight thinning of the cloud this morning before I packed up just before 7.30am and I did get some frames 'in the can' as they say.  The frame below was taken at 6.59 am with the SW 80ED, AZ5 and Olympus E-M5 Mk11, 1/5 second at 400 asa.  I had to use a low shutter speed as the cloud only thinned so the image was rather dimmed, I never had a clear view I'm afraid.  Having said that, it did look rather beautiful as it occasionally slipped through the lighter cloud layers.


1004614666_P1200092Mooncol.thumb.jpg.f467ea00701769e113cfa6d6b5dc3dfc.jpg    777710019_P1200092MoonmonoB.thumb.jpg.18febbb0cf2c627300032096d5639558.jpg



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2 hours ago, paulastro said:

 Anyway, just so you know, I'm not completely crazy - honest!

Howling at the Moon in the early hours is not normal no matter how you colour it, but it is one of your most endearing qualities, as you make the rest of us appear nearly normal. Im intrigued by your month long lunar adventure! Can't wait to learn more!!


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Lee said  

How addictive will it be when the new moon comes?  If you've done almost a whole month, why not keep going... two months... a year...😅

Good work on the streak though especially with the cloud.


To be honest Lee, I'm looking forward to the new Moon, since full Moon having to get up in the early hours every day virtually has worn me out.  🌜


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