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can my celestron 4se mount be used for other scopes?

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Apologies for being a bit of a question pest!

So...can the goto mount for my celestron 4se be used to support other scopes? I notice that a lot of refractors have a dovetail fitting, which maybe would work with my mount. But is there a weight limit? And when adverts say things like "compatible with Vixen-type dovetail" - does that rule out my mount?

This is all theoretical. I'm not about to dash out and by another scope. But it's interesting to know - the adverts kind of assume that you already know all this sort of stuff.

And the wedge-thing: that's just for taking photos over a long time, isn't it?

Ta for your patience.


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As for your wedge.

You are correct in it's mainly used for astrophotography. Setting your wedge to your latitude will enable your scope to turn from a Alt/Az mount to a GEM mount.

This allows you to track the stars at sidereal time.

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Yes it can. Any smaller/lighter weight telescope with the vixen GP/CG-5 size dovtail bar (same size as on the side of your 4" OTA) will mount on the NexStar mount in the same way that the 4" MAK OTA does.

Hope this helps.

This is the last time I will pester you on this matter (famous last words?!), but could you possibly suggest any refractors - apochromatic or otherwise - that might fit your criteria?

Then I promise I'll leave you alone...(for a bit)....



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