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Walking on the Moon

Celestron C6 XLT & CG5 Mount


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Originall posted this under Sponors board having purchased from FLO, but thought maybe better here:

Received mine (C6 XLT & CG5 mount) Friday, super fast delivery from FLO as usual - got my first brief look at the moon with it tonight and it was super sharp & detailed.

I am glad I have had an GEM mount before though, as I think I would have had dificulty understanding setting my latitude / polar aligning with the Celestron manual instructions.

On another note, I am keen to swap the tension fit RA slow motion knob to the other side of the mount, the manual suggests pulling it firmly to remove but mine seems to be stuck fairly tight and I am reluctant to use too much force for fear of damaging something...(manual also suggests should be two oval tabs either of which can be removed to initially fit the knob, but I only had one?) - any hints / tips?

Also, do you tighten the small screw on the mounting platform as well as he large mounting screw once the OTA is in place? I am assuming this is the case and have done so.

Finally, I see that the question re.mounting an RDF on this OTA was previously raised - I would like to put on my RDF which has a Synta type shoe mount - is there a shoe adaptor which would screw in to the existing holes in the tube, or is it a case of using a 'stick on' type?

Sorry for so many questions, guys!


Chris :D

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