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  1. Yup always use one now (on right eye for me and observe with left). That or a hood pretty much essential to avoid the discomfort of keeping the unused eye shut.
  2. Won’t lose it now I know what I’m looking for! Thanks again for all your comments. Chris
  3. Okay folks found it tonight at last, and pretty quickly thanks to your tips. Was definitely one of those ‘how did I miss this before’ moments. As recommended I pushed up the mag to 150x and what a difference it made ! Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks for the tips all. I was using a standard rdf and a 150 dob. Next clear evening I'll try to bag it !
  5. Thanks guys, I'll try some of these out. Oh they are bog standard rdf's by the way.
  6. I've tried on a number of occasions to find the Eskimo, nice and dark last night so had a hunt around with my 32mm giving 37.5x. Despite finding a very dim M1, I still could not get bearings on the Eskimo which I thought was supposed to be brighter. Any tips ??
  7. Nope just standard distance prescription specs.
  8. Yes I do wear glasses but definitely not a reflection in them. Could it be my head position / distance from the finder ? Must be something I'm doing as happens on both rdf's I have ! Starting to thing I'm going mad !
  9. Hi just a quick question, anyone know why I’m regularly getting two dots showing in the viewing window of my RDF ? One seems to be almost a ‘ghost’ image of the other. And I get it on the finders on both my ‘scopes. Very annoying!
  10. I have a 90mm Mak and it is incredibly small and portable - packs an huge punch for it’s size as a grab & go scope but I feel it’s at it’s best on lunar and double stars really. Not sure how much brighter the view in a 100mm would be.
  11. Yes even with spider vanes aperture definitely rules when it comes to detail and contrast! I would say the view and detail was comparable to my old C6. Chris
  12. I’ve got an ironing stool I use for the dob Ruud.
  13. Thanks for your input Rudd, makes me thing it’s probably vignetting. The Revelation does not have a very high eyecup so I suppose just need to persevere with getting me eye at right distance.
  14. Just purchased one of these primarily for low power / wide field in my 150 dob. But find myself bit disappointed in having to get my eye in a very correct position to avoid kidney beaning, wasn’t expecting it....I used to have a gso 32mm with my old 200 dob (same focal length ‘scope) and don’t remember any such issue then? Any thoughts ? Chris
  15. Okay so over the years I’ve owned a few ‘scopes....Skyliner 200p, Celestron C6, 120 Achros. All now gone and for a number of years just got by with a used Heritage 130p and very occasional observing session. But now got myself a 90mm Maskutov and a Skyliner 150 dob. Did a side by side comparison on the moon tonight, never any doubt the mak punches above it’s weight but what suprised me is the views through the dob. Obviously brighter but the contrast was at least as good if not better than the mak. Pleasantly surprised - should I have been ? Chris
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