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Refractor Lens mist/dew

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I left the ED in the shed after last night freezing cold obs.. I noticed the lens was dewed up, but put the cap on and went to bed. checked it today.. lots of water on the lens. right or wrongly brought it in the house and used the hair dryer to dry off... noticed then some mist on the inside of the lens... panic set in - the tube was cold from bringing it into the house..

Did i cause the mist on the inside of the lens sell by hot air drying the lens?.. Needless to say I kept the hot air going and that has cleared the mist on the inside also.

Advice here please... do I have an issue or was it me with radical temp change?.



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Rob, I had this at the dew-fest that was Kelling back in September. I pulled the cover off my setup on Saturday morning and much to my horror found that there was moisture inbetween the elements of my ZenithStar 110. I point4ed it at the Sun and watched with delight as it dried off in a couple of hours without any ill effects. I'm sure it'll be fine matey :D.


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I hope the lens cell dries out ok, Rob. :thumbright:

Try placing your equipment in plastic bags before bringing things into the warm moist house when it's cold out. Same goes for eyepieces, atlases, notebooks, etc. Let everything warm up overnight and open the bags in the morning... been working great for me for nearly 10 years. :D

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