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ioptron as pro anyone?

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Out last night, the mount performed well with the iPad and SkySafari 5. I’m happy. Got my first view of Uranus in the Equinox 120 - it looked better than I expected in all honesty so that was a bonus. 

So hopefully sky safari will sort the version 6 issue at some point soon? Until then 5 is the answer.  Thank goodness there is a solution that works in the short term. Technology pairing aside, and handset catalogue not having Sao is a bit of a miss on ioptron part I think. That said, I do find the mount to be excellent so far. Easy to set up, accurate and very quiet in operation. Definitely feel it’s worth the price tag and glad I chose it. 


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I've found the AZMP to be pretty spot on with just the auto 1 star calibration. Occasionally have to resynch when moving from one half the sky to the other. Have not mastered the balancing yet. T

I have version 6.5. 😀 I have done several updates, not so sure about upgrades, and I have discovered tonight that it is not working 🤔

Hi all, I'm about to take outside the az pro mount. I've done all the balancing etc inside so that's ok. Looking at the set up video where it gets itself calibrated etc, how mich success have you

Thanks @Pig. On your handset you can. The latest handset comes with the  hipparcos catalogue and not the Sao one.  I had a long conversation by email with the tech guy at ioptron when I got the mount as I was pulling my hair out because it didn’t have Sao and I’d just got the Cambridge double star atlas with Sao numbers - easy I thought and my skywatcher star discovery mount has Sao -  he was very helpful and managed to find me a handset in their factory that would work with the mount and had the Sao catalogue in it.  I could have swapped it but would have had to pay £25 for shipping and pay them £200 for the handset which they would then credit me back when I they received my returned handset back! At the time I had the previous firmware on the mount - the firmware it was delivered with - and sky safari 6 was working fine with it so I decided that I didn’t want the hassle and cost of swapping the handsets when I’d got a workable solution. Luckily I can still drive it with SkySafari 5 since I upgraded the firmware, otherwise I would have to go through the hassle swap the handsets as I need Sao to make doubles easier to find and identify.

Hopefully sky safari will fix the issue soon 🤨

Thanks for your input to this somewhat challenging IT scenario.  The mount is great, these challenges are bound to happen but you wonder sometimes if companies have considered the user experience when making changes?

You are lucky to have a handset with Sao on it.  I don’t know why they changed it 🙄

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