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Helios Quantum 4 binoculars - New Model


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The Helios Quantum 4 binocular series have always sold well at FLO, particularly the 15x70 and 25x100, and customer feedback has been very positive.

Recently, a new 20x80 model was introduced with triplet objectives :)

(20x80 triplet top, 15x70 left & 25x100 right)


All three offer BAK-4 prisms, fully broadband multi-coated optics and are quality-built from CNC machined metal components. They are also waterproof, nitrogen-filled (fog-proof) and are rubber-armoured.

The 15x70 features Central Focusing (CF) and an integral tripod bush. The larger 20x80 triplet and 25x100 models feature Individual Eyepiece Focusing (IF) and a central stabilizing bar with sliding tripod adaptor.

Supplied in a foam-lined Aluminium storage/carry case.

"Good for deep-sky views.... The field of view was also noticeably sharper than nearly all the binoculars on test" BBC Sky At Night Magazine (Quantum-4 15x70)

Please note, these are large binoculars, particularly the 25x100, so a suitable tripod is necessary for comfortable viewing.

For specification and up-to-date prices of these and other Helios binoculars please see our website.

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4.6KG - blimey!!! That's over 10lb. You wouldn't want to be holding them for too long.

That's not too bad. The Helios Apollo 22 x 85 are 4.8 kg! (without the case)

Don't know for all of the Quantum 4 series but my 10x60 has a very sharp field almost to the edge. That's it stronges piont, IMO. Stars are really sharp until 80% out of the center. Sharpest field i ever seen.

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Does the 15x70 come with an aluminium storage/carry case? What is the total weight of these binoculars including the case?

Bump for the question of the carrying case.

Also, does the 15x70 quantum4 have twist up eyecups like the opticron aspheric?


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I think it does. The 15x70 is very similar to my 10x60 model wich has twist up eyecups. Still it has too much eyerelief, keeps blacking out but should be splendid for people with glasses.

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Had my eye on these for a good while now.  But fairly soon I wil be visiting Malaysia and Indonesia and though I would dearly love them with me, couldn't visualise myself tramping through the jungle with a pair of 20x80 triplets dangling around my neck!  So I bought Steiner Skyhawk Pro 10x40's instead.  The Helios can wait just a little longer! :evil:  

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