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  1. I have used Hyperions and I know that their design is more complex. What I was asking is if the material used for the barrels in the Classics is of similar quality or if it could get damaged easily when using them it in the darkness.
  2. Are they of similar build quality? Are the Classics built to last?
  3. Too bad FLO does not ship telescopes outside the UK as this seems like a good opportunity to buy a larger SCT.
  4. Does anyone know if replacing a Panaview 38mm 2" eyepiece with an Aero ED 40mm 2" will be a worthwhile upgrade for either a fast (f/5) or slow (f/9) telescope?
  5. You can read some comments about the Tento under the following topic: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/41058-tentokronos-20x60-russian-binoculars/ If I could get these Tento new, I think I would prefer these binoculars than any Chinese 20x60 or 15x70 around the same price. I don't own the Pentax but from what I read optical performance is good if you can accept the very narrow field of view. I am not sure how the two compare.
  6. This is what I was thinking about: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq3-2.html But I don't like that only the RA axis has brass gearwheel and the DEC axis has nylon.
  7. Is the Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 the same mount as the Celestron CG-4? I am assuming it is as both mounts accept the same optional drive motors. Does anyone know how accurate are these motors and if they are made of metal or plastic?
  8. What is the difference between the Skywatcher diamond black and 'pure' black colour for optical tubes and accessories? Is the colour difference easily visible?
  9. What are the following thread sizes? Center thread on Skywatcher dovetail mounting plates (15cm, 21cm, 33.5cm) Counterweight rod thread and threaded cap at the end of the counterweight rod on CG5/EQ5 mounts
  10. I prefer a finderscope with its whole body in white. The Antares is black and white.
  11. Where I can find a white right angle finderscope in the UK? A 6x30 is preferable, but a larger one (with a 50mm objective lens) would also do.
  12. What would be a good tripod and head for binoculars weighting close to 5kg such as the Helios Apollo 22x85 and the Helios Quantum-4 25x100?
  13. I have been looking for a new pair without much luck. Could you post some photos of them?
  14. Where did you get these binoculars from?
  15. The Manfrotto 804RC2 3-way head has the same load capacity with the Manfrotto 701HDV 2-way head, but it is less expensive. Has anyone tried it? Regarding monopods, has anyone tried the Manfrotto 682B? This has three retractable legs and a load capacity of 12kg.
  16. But the load capacity of the Manfrotto 128RC head is only 4kg and this is advertised as 10kg.
  17. I have looked at various kits that would hold between 3kg and 5kg. And I have just seen the Olivon TR-189 tripod and TRH-11 head that are listed to hold 10kg.
  18. I am planning to use them with either 20x80 or 20x90 binoculars that I also intend to get soon. I think £500 is a little too much to spend, but one of my options is a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and a 701HDV head that would cost less. Could I find similar performance under a different brand at even a lower price?
  19. I know that the Horizon 8115 tripod is very popular among users of the forum, but since there are so many other options from different manufacturers, what would be some better choices even at a higher cost?
  20. I also own a pair of Tento 20x60 binoculars, which I occasionally use hand-held to observe deep sky objects and comets. These binoculars have very good optics with little if any false colour visible, but compared to newer binoculars their eye relief is a bit too short.
  21. They don't have to be ultra wide, but they have to be at least a little wider than eyepieces such as Plossls.
  22. What are the best value wide angle eyepieces (with a focal length between 25mm and 40mm) currently available in the UK market that perform reasonably well in a fast Netwronian?
  23. M33 is not particularly difficult even in 10x50 binoculars when the Moon is not present and the sky is clear. A few months ago when Comet 103P/Hartley became visible in binoculars I used M33 on several occasions to estimate its brightness.
  24. I meant to write under reasonably dark skies (and of course not from London).
  25. I can easily see M81 and M82 in hand held 20x60 binoculars in almost every clear moonless night under reasonably clear nights.
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