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Walking on the Moon

Revisits last nights colour to mono moon 31-8-18


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After last nights colour version I've revisited the data I took and converted to mono through PiPP, which is what I usualy do with lunar, same achro and camera 300 frames this time.. AS3 and wavelets in rs6.

interesting comparison as I felt the colour lost some detail, however it maybe appears not..

last nights colour


todays mono


Still though back to some imaging which is good..



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There seems to be more detail in the highlight areas of the mono image, but it also looks a bit flat! Would tweaking the contrast a wee bit give a more three dimensional feel?

Nice capture anyway. I was going to go out tonight, but after spending nearly all day making new rose beds and digging out old Ash tree roots I'm now typing this from a way too hot bath! ?

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