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Stargazing on Vamizi Island Part One


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Finally started writing up the stargazing I was able to do on my honeymoon on Vamizi Island (fortunately I keep a pretty detailed observing log when away) which is just off the coast of north Mozambique.  The sky conditions are some of the best I have had the pleasure of observing under and I have been to some pretty amazing dark sky locations.  Part one of my report includes the introduction to Vamizi itself, the sky conditions, the equipment I took with me and the first of three observing sessions on the island, the early evening which includes a lot of time spent in Carina and Centaurus, two amazing constellations that sadly do not clear the horizon from the UK.  The report is on the link below:



When the sky is this good in a single 30 second photo, the visual experience is quite remarkable! Centre of the Milky Way above our villa.


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Stop this right now!   :)

Oh dear, what skies...

...I 'suffered' overly bright Zodiacal Light from Sutherland in the Karoo, SA once...memories.

I await Part n...



P.S. My observing accomplice mistook the Zodiacal Band for cloud  :)

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