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SP2018 Talks - Volunteers please!


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Hi All,

Daz posted a while back about topics for talks at the Star Party in October, and I'm now following up to get these organised.

The aim is for 5 talks in total, and I'm looking for volunteers, members who are willing to put a talk together and give it on either the Saturday or Sunday. Happy for this to be a joint/shared effort if that is easier.

Various topics have been requested, plus a few suggestions from me.

1) DSLR Milkyway Astrophotography 

2) Newtonian collimation

3) Observing the Lunar 100

4) Star hopping

5) Smart phone Astrophotography and apps

6) EAA/Video Astronomy

I think something from the imaging side of things would be interesting too, image processing and/or data capture, open to suggestions. Perhaps Spectroscopy would be interesting to if someone has the expertise.

Please let me know asap if you are up for this, either on this thread or via pm. I will pull together the schedule and get confirm the details.

Thanks all.


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19 hours ago, PhotoGav said:

Hi Stu, I mentioned to Daz recently the idea of giving a talk on Astro Pixel Processor. If that would be of interest to people I would be happy to oblige. Gav.

Thanks Gavin, that would be great!

1 down, any more takers. Don’t be shy :)

I’m happy to do something around smartphone AP and Apps, but please do come forward if you can fill any of the other slots.



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