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Saturn - 11 July 2018

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8 hours ago, tooth_dr said:

Mariusz - beautiful image. Can I ask - how can you get away with taking images over the space of 20+ mins. I though this would blur the surface?

Using WinJupos derotate feature. 

Normally the rotation would blur the image...

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1 hour ago, Demonperformer said:

Excellent. I wonder if winjupos would improve my 8se planetary images any...

It will, because you can capture much more data, and be particularly picky about the frames that you stack... you can resort to 5% of the best in each video, so if you can capture only at 30fps (which is nominal for capturing at 6000mm FL on 8" SCT light gathering power), thats is still a heaps of frames to stack... I'm pretty sure that 20 minutes is about the limit before the excessive rotation causes problems even with the DeRotation... 

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