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Summary of IMX Based Cameras


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I would like to share a blog summarizing the features of the many USB cameras using the Sony IMX224 Color CMOS sensor on my web site.  These include the ASI224MC, both Rising Tech cameras, the Mallincam Skyraider AG1.2C, the Altair Astro GPCAM3, the QHY224C and the Revolution Imager224.   I did not test all of these cameras, but wanted to capture all of the common and different features in one place.  I do, however, provide images from the original 224 camera, the ASI224.  If anyone has any corrections, please let me know.  The blog can be found here: https://www.californiaskys.com/blog   Best Regards Curtis

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I would label your images with the camera that was used as well what you have shown.  It makes it easier at a glance to see what camera took what image.  The way it's written, one might assume the ring nebula was taken with a Malincam or an Altair camera.   You might also mention that the lip on the ZWO camera is a 2" diameter so it will fit in a 2" focuser without needing a 1.25" adapter.  For a Newtonian, it can give you a little more infocus.

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Shriva and Pete - thank you very much for the compliments.

Rob -  I thought it was clear from the text that all images were from the ASI224MC, but apparently not.   I will edit the image labels to make it glaringly obvious.  The blog is not meant as a comparison of the different camera performances since I could not afford to buy so many cameras, especially all with the same sensor.  The purpose is to give newcomers an idea of what they can see with this sensor and let them know about all of the different versions available and key differences and similarities in features.   Another good point about the ASI224 diameter.  Thanks for your inputs.


Best Regards


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