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My back yard

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So I'll be first to say this is far from brilliant esp. with the socking great big dust bunny in the corner, but this is my first attempt at taking lots of shots and stacking them.  There are about 14 x 10 second exposures at 18mm ISO 1600 here.  Many thanks to those that showed me what to do and hopefully this is first of many.  Adding to the competition just for the feeling of having taken part.  :-D  This is my back yard.

Orion stack 1 resized.jpg

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3 hours ago, davew said:

Is that a Sequator stack ? Looks like you've sussed it nicely.

Yes, that's what I was recommended to use - I just kept fiddling with the on and off settings and re-stacking until I got something I liked.  

I could no doubt deal the bunny a fatal blow with a clone brush just between it's ears, but that would be cheating.  I should have made sure my kit was clean first.

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