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Giro Ercole mount onto Vixen P110 GP Pillar


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I just bought a Tele-Optic Giro Ercole mount and I would like to fit it to my Vixen P110 GP Pillar but as you can see from this photo


the pillar top has a North alignment peg so the Ercole won't go on it as it has no space for the peg to fit into. Does anyone know of a replacement for the pillar top or maybe of some kind of adaptor I could buy off the shelf?  I understand I could probably get something turned up on a lathe but I'd rather just buy something off the shelf if I can.


Thanks folks.

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The Vixen camera platform adapter should do what you want - second item on the list here:


SRP is £54.

It has a cut out on one side to accommodate the alignment peg. It attaches using the M10 bolt at the base and has a 1/4" tripod screw on top. If the Giro has a 3/8" threaded hole, an adaptor thread can be attached.

This image shows the cut out and profile of the mounting foot:



Cheers, Pete

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Thanks @pete_gamby , that looks like it should do the job.  I've also been looking at the Orion Optics Pedestal Top to accept EQ5 mount (PADT2) which might work but I'm waiting to hear how wide it is and how low down the 3 threaded holes are.

@spaceboy That is a really good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself.  

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Cheers Alan, I think it might work out well to use the Skywatcher pillar extension on my Vixen pillar for my longer refractors and maybe one of my Vixen tripods with the extension on for my Mak/newt.  Some measuring needs to be done.

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