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  1. Optics Planet's website is not a particularly reliable source of information about whether something is discontinued - they "discontinued" nearly all Opticron models by accident at one point last year! We have had no notification that the SLV or SSW eyepieces will be discontinued. There is usually a "last chance" offer made by Vixen Japan when they discontinue a range of eyepieces. The offers that FLO have are for the last of our stock which we wanted to clear in the most efficient manner. HTH Cheers, Pete Sales and Marketing Manager - Opticron
  2. Have you ever changed the internal battery on the Skysensor? It could be that it has come to the end of its life and that's why you're seeing the odd behaviour.
  3. https://www.celestron.com/blogs/press-releases/celestron-reinvents-sky-exploration-for-novices-and-introduces-robust-sky-mapping-solution https://www.celestron.com/collections/starsense-explorer-smartphone-app-enabled-telescopes
  4. The larger bolt holes on the Porta II are M8 with 1.25mm thread pitch. The smaller ones are 1/4" with 20tpi pitch. HTH Cheers, Pete Sales Manager, Opticron - Vixen UK Distributor
  5. Skywatcher EQ3/EQ5 motors are compatible with the GP series mounts including the GPE. Available from the forum sponsors: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drives-for-eq-5.html Best regards, Pete
  6. Sorry to arrive late - if anyone needs one in future we do still have these available. Retail price is £6 excluding P&P and could be special ordered via FLO I'm sure. HTH Pete
  7. For terrestrial use, this Vixen diagonal works with the VMC110L and is comfortable to use on the straight through view port: https://www.vixenoptics.com/Vixen-Erect-Image-Diagonal-p/8791.htm Have you checked the image quality with the Barlows at short range (30 to 50 yards) to eliminate possible problems caused by atmospheric conditions? The eyepiece supplied with the scope is a stock Plossl rather than one from Vixen's NPL line so it is not the best of this type of eyepiece. However, it should be able to handle 80x mag no problem. The VMC110L can be collimated if there is an issue with focus of the scope at higher magnifications (see attachment) but generally they are pretty good out of the box from the factory. HTH Pete VMC95_VMC110L_Collimation_Guide.pdf
  8. AFAIK there is no solution for using the MT-1 motors with a 3rd party goto controller. The Vixen goto solutions used a variety of different motor types but none were MT-1. We point people to the EQ5 Synscan option since the iOptron GOTO Nova disappeared. HTH Pete
  9. Better start saving Steve ? https://global.vixen.co.jp/en/product/36941_6/
  10. Just a bit of background for you. We were invited to take part in a round up of binoculars for the IndyBest site by one of its freelance writers. The results are actually not too bad in that review although it was apparent that the author did actually get hold of most if not all the models on review and did also use them for the intended purpose. He asked us to submit "a suitable pair which our readers might be interested in". No other criteria such as price, type, magnification were specified so we took a punt on a £400 bino. It was up against all sorts from a £99 compact bino to a £1000+ Canon IS. Shortly after the review was published, the retailer that IndyBest chose to link to for our product started taking orders for the model we submitted. That retailer hadn't sold any of the model in question in the first year of its launch. The same author as did the binocular review, Aaron Roe, also did a pretty good review on IndyBest for messenger bags. So it's probably as much about the choice of freelancer as about the poor selection of products, given that it is more or less certain that the manufacturers/retailers chose what to submit. HTH Pete
  11. A timely revival of this thread - the Vixen MT-1 motors have just been discontinued so anyone wanting replacements or a spare one in case of failure might want to consider purchasing soon as there is only limited stock left.
  12. First shipment for the UK of the 3.4mm Vixen HR leaves Japan tomorrow by air freight so should be in stock with dealers early next week (assuming they order some from us that is!). HTH Pete
  13. @Fozzie - the GP-SX cable switches the polarity so if the Celestron is centre positive, that cable then becomes centre negative at the DD-3 end, hence why it doesn't work. I am just surprised that the Celestron is centre positive - had I known I'd not have recommended the cable. If you can wield a soldering iron, then you could chop the cable and wire one of these on: https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-21-x-5mm-dc-power-line-socket-jk11m But if you're not confident to do that, arrange to get the GP-SX cable back to us via @FLO and I'll get one of our service techs to rework it for you and send it back. Cheers, Pete
  14. Sorry Fozzie - I've edited the text in my post to correct the errors. Duh. Not sure why the cable doesn't do what I'd expected it to - it definitely switches polarity from centre negative to centre positive and I've used one with a Maplin "standard" power supply so if the Celestron tip is centre negative it should work... Confused. There isn't a "straight through" cable from Vixen I'm afraid. Cheers, Pete
  15. Just to clarify the description and purpose of the cable mentioned. We call it "GP-SX Power Cable Adaptor" because it converts from a Vixen GP-style 2.1mm centre negative female socket to a Vixen SX-style EIAJ centre positive male plug. The Vixen description is a rather less helpful "DC Output Cable AC Adapter 12V/3A". The Vixen part number is 2537 and our order code is 75237. HTH Cheers, Pete
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