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NGC 7129 close up


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As @wimvb just said, we are going through the Liverpool Telescope database - a largely unused treasure chest of deep sky data. What else could Swedes do when it is light enough to read a paper outdoors at midnight? Taken together we have done close to 50 images up to now.

When I processed this image I had no idea what it was. I found the subs in the data base with the cryptic name "bd65_1637". Only after uploading it on Astrobin, plate solving told me it was NGC 7129.

NGC 7129 is a reflection nebula located 3,300 light years away in the constellation Cepheus. A young open cluster is responsible for illuminating the surrounding nebula. A recent survey indicates the cluster contains more than 130 stars less than 1 million years old [all according to Wikipedia]

Filters and Exposures used:
sdss- r 15 x 90 s
Ha 9 x 120 s (stacked 40:60 with sdss-r for red channel)
Bessell B 14 x 90 s (blue channel)
Bessell V 13 x 90 s (green channel)

The scope is a 2 m RC on La Palma

LT bd65 RGB PS17sign.jpg

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