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Just wanted to share this time lapse of the Liverpool Telescope at work.


Note the large number of movements the scope makes during one night. Every time you see it tracking the night sky, is one imaging session. The data captured during such sessions, is representative of what @gorann and I have been working on for the past time.

Also note that the 'obsy' is completely remote controlled. You can see the various instruments being changed in this video.

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1 hour ago, wimvb said:

Pretty amazing conditions. I liked the part where clouds roll in like waves, from below. If you're high enough, clouds don't matter.

One day I love to live in a place above the clouds.... dreams


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13 hours ago, Victor Boesen said:

that widefield shot of trifid, eagle and lagoon was so stunning!!

Imagine living under these type of skies.

I imagine and dream about that TOO frequently.. no really... it's starting to become a problem. haha

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Great to see this video and the marvellous skies.

I was rather alarmed at the number of times the whole observatory is illuminated. Do they have neighbours careless with their lights? I am surprised that this is not better controlled at a major professional site full of multimillion £$ telescopes.

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I think that the lights are rather dim. The 'christmas lighting' beneath the scope are led lights, yet they seem to light up the whole observatory. And since the milky way shows so well, the exposures that made this time lapse must have been long or at high iso. Besides, the imaging periods are quite short. The longest single exposures with this scope are 5 minutes. Most are 90 seconds or shorter.

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