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Binoculars and microscopes need specialist greases I am told.     I wont argue with that.

I recently removed all of the old tar like grease from a Russian microscope and found out when I re assembled it, the slides were a bit slippy.   The grease that I used had no damping effect, no grip.

The vertical adjustment slowly went out of focus whilst looking at slides.

A search on the internet recommended  "damping grease"  for microscope maintenance,    Nye Lubricants Grease       Nyogel  795A    and a hobby kit of two oils and one grease, available from  Micro-Tools in Germany.

In the UK     www://newgatesimms.com  stocks it.           As well as industrial sizes, they also sell grease in small 2oz tubes.   Most places sell in big quantities that are enough to keep a microscope factory going for a year.


What has this got to do with binoculars?


Whilst looking through their product list and uses,  I found    Nyogel  Grease     pg-44A      a damping grease.

The notes say that it is commonly used on binocular focusing heads/systems.......            it also says that it is used in preventing slight shimmy issues on nose wheels in home made aircraft.   Not sure if they mean radio controlled model aircraft or passenger carrying aircraft.


Has anyone had any experience of using  Nye Grease pg-44A   on the focusing threads of binocular eyepieces ?


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I haven't worked on microscopes before, but I have quite a bit of experience in using greases - in general.

When removing grease - ANY grease - remove ALL of it using whatever solvent works best. Mixing 2 types of grease (even just a tiny residue) can easily lead to severe problems with viscosity - making the grease-mix run and end-up everywhere. :eek: Or to do such "interesting" things as to turn into a solid mass of plastic! Ooops! :p

Take care -



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I bought some  Nye PG-44A Grease   from      Newgatesimms in the UK.  About 30 UK Pounds for a 50 gram jar.   It is described as a damping grease. 

I separated the binoculars into two halves and removed the eyepieces.

Cleaned all of the old grease off with tissues and white spirit.

Re-greased all of the focussing threads and central hinge mechanism.

After assembly they worked a treat.    No more sagging of the separate limbs and main focussing and right eye compensation move silky smooth,  they stay in place as they should do.

The grease is so thick that the distributors only sell it in tubs.  Apparently it will not squeeze out of plastic toothpaste tubes in the same way that most other greases are supplied.

My only concern now is if the grease has too much sticky friction  "stiction"  when Winters cold nights come around.

I pondered chilling them down in the fridge to see, but they are an  old set that is far from waterproof.      Only time will tell.  I shall update when Winter comes around.

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