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Walking on the Moon

Jupiter and Leo triplets 22/04/2017


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Today had been a godawful day due to the demotion of my football team:BangHead:

To help alleviate my despair I decided to head out to Cookham Dean Common for an hour or so to try for the Leo Triplets. I was on station and set up by 21:15 and started off by zeroing in on Jupiter, to get my eye in. Tonight, the seeing was quite watery, nowhere near as good as a few of nights ago. The equatorial bands were easily discernible but any detail was fleeting. I spent 15 minutes viewing Jupiter then, with the aid of Stelarium, went hunting for the triplets.

I really need to get a Tetrad or similar as, trying to use my stock finder really gives me a pain in the neck (and knees and back) and having constantly rotate the OTA in the mounting rings is a chore. I know the Tetrad won't alleviate the need to rotate but will make getting the scope pointed in the right direction a lot easier.

Anyhow, after much huffing and puffing and bending and craning and general suffering, I got myself pointed at the right ballpark in the sky. I then took to the EP. I started off with the Meade 40mm (thanks jabeoo1) and was happy I was in the zone. I then went for the 10mm and, using averted vision, thought I could identify 3 slightly hazy zones. the 25mm and X2 Barlow reinforced this but, I'm not yet confident enough about them to claim them as observed. More visits will make me happier that I have them. I am confident that I can now pick out Leo in the sky without a prompt. very day is an education!

After half an hour I returned to Jupiter where the seeing was somewhat improved. By now it was 22:30 and time to pack up.

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Nice report. The seeing was pretty poor as well just outside Cardiff last night. In addition, after clear skies for most of the day as soon dusk came some hazy clouds slid across the sky. Like you @Swoop1 I too observed Jupiter and the Leo triplet last night. Despite the conditions Jupiter continues to delight.

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Nice one. Poor seeing here too around 10pm and I quickly gave up on Jupiter. A final quick look at midnight just before packing in and it was a different story. Beautiful detail at 250x. I've seen the more experienced folks on here post that seeing conditions can be better after midnight when the heat of the day has dissipated and folks have turned off their heating.

Good work on the Leo triplet!

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