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The moons too bright...Arrrggghhhhh

Guest telescope4u

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Guest telescope4u

I was browsing Ebay as you do and I noticed  a celestron SNT anyway that's really besides the point, although I noticed that at the bottom was a Sun warning, and also a 'don't look a the Full moon without filters warning'. as it may cause blindness.

Can you look at a full moon without filters, without fear of eye damage.

Well I know the real answer but do the newcomers ?

And before Gaz says anything, I mean with a telescope or Bino's. :lol:

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:( It'll ruin your night vision, though. I have been told by people who don't know any better, that you shouldn't look at a lunar eclipse without protection, as you can go blind. :?

There are other things are supposed to make you blind as well! :lol:

I suppose it depends on how big an objective you have, the more light the greater the risk. I have heard that yes you can be blinded, as with any bright light.


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