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My First Jupiter of 2017

Stub Mandrel

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I was blessed with excellent seeing but not quite perfect transparency for this one.

Really struggling to eliminate edge artefacts in WinJupos, so this is just one 2-minute run at 30fps. (if someone could explain how to use the ED control properly it would help me!)

150PL, microsoft lifecam, x2 barlow, PIPP, then best 50% 2x resample in Autostakkert, RGB align and wavelets in Registax, touch of contrast in Astra.



<EDIT> I have fitted the camera in an aluminium tube with a tiny fan to draw a constant flow of air over the sensor. Despite only being passive cooling the reduction in noise has been astonishing.

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Thos 150PLs really do pack offer some bang for buck don't they?! Very little noise in those images so your fan mod is working wonders :)  Sorry can't help with windups, I've installed it but I'm afraid to open and use it!

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37 minutes ago, CraigT82 said:

Very little noise in those images so your fan mod is working wonders

Stacking 1800 subs helps too (10%) - the AVI files are enormous!

The Winjupos derotated one is 10,800 frames!

If the seeing comes good I should be able to do even better, this is one from last year, a bit over-processed but lots more fine detail. If I can get a good night with less noise and enough runs for Winjupos I'll be happy!




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