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Surel;y I am Accursed!

Stub Mandrel

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The Astro-Gods have set themselves against my attempts to image the rosette.

First run cut short by cloud.

Second run, forgot to balance the counterweight and nearly every sub with long thin or 'bipolar' stars.

Third run, the SO knocked my tripod out of alignment after ten subs...

Let's not count the completely aborted sessions...

Then last night I had to leave to collect my Daughter by around 7:00. I managed to do a blue-sky focus on Sirius. I found Polaris in the polarscope before it was naked-eye visible and aligned, by then Beltelgeuse was visible so I synchhed to it, then moved to the Rosette - even after 10 seconds the sub was a white out, so I set the time delay and scarpered at 7:05.

I get back at 9:30, so I have planty of subs... all of a bit of near-0empty sky with not even a significant binary in it.



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Yep....  I had a good view of the Rosette at my eye level.  Prob was my small frac was on a low mount for the reflector, and if you cast your eye along the tube.......PRIVET hedge.!!!!

3 out of 20 good,  17 privet affected !!!.

Doh !!!!

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