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The Intergalactic Wanderer NGC 2419, C25


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I took this in a gap between a couple of targets using Peter Goodhew's remote APM152 and QSI6120 in Spain. This is just 12 x 300" each of RGB and was more intended as a practice RGB run for me before i look at RGB stars for my SH2-224 project, and I liked the name :icon_biggrin:. Since this is a bit of an experiment for me, I would really welcome some c&c on my approach to processing here, in particular background which i am not entirely happy with, but also anything else that grabs you.

NGC 2419 was apparently discovered by William Herschel in 1788 and is approx 300,000LY from us. The name Intergalactic Wanderer, which is what intrigued me, was given when the object was thought not to be in orbit around the Milky Way. It does!


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I like the background sky. You've left it light but t looks neutral to me. I've been talking to Peter and, again, I'd go for the red being soft on focus. The little globular seems to be largely dominated by red stars which is why it looks a bit soft - I guess. Like most of my ideas this one does not come with a guarantee!!


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3 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

I've been talking to Peter and, again, I'd go for the red being soft on focus.

Olly, I've reconfigured the autofocus last night and will run some tests tonight to see if it's sorted. I will compare new subs with previous ones to see how the Ha/red come out.  Something to keep me busy while the moon is up!  Thanks again for keeping a fatherly eye on our attempts.

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