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webcam imaging query


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so i hacked up an old unused webcam for testing for moon/planetary imaging. from my garden i have limited terrestrial views. one direction i have a roof about 500 ft away. not great i know. the other is much further at about 1200 ft away but that is a school. something i REALLY dont want to be pointing a telescope and camera at, so i opted for the roof in the other direction. after finding the focus (which is really scrolled in) i found a roof tile for testing. what i found was i could discern moss on a single roof tile.


this is the resulting image from running it through registax 6. this is a house about 500 feet away. is the magnification normal? no EP was used. i wasnt expecting it to be quite so zoomed. its a 640x480 camera. quite old really (i forgot the brand/model. can check if you want to know) the chip looks to be about 5x4mm. i did have a play with the wavelets but i dont understand the behaviour of them yet. also the colours look way off. would daylight viewing give normal colours. the lens is removed from the camera so could the red just be IR getting to the lens?


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The field of view looks about right, the sensor size of a 640x480 webcam usually gives a similar image size to 6mm eyepiece, which you might be able to compare with the webcam. The colour cast is probably nrmal. Webcams tend to have an IR filter built into the rear of the lens so if you remove the lens unfiltered IR light will fall onto the sensor giving the pink cast to the image.

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