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Walking on the Moon

Sample Dark Image


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Hi All,

New to imaging and did my first session of taking subs and darks using my DSLR (10 yo Olympus E-500). I have attached the MasterDark from DSS and to me, it looks pretty rubbish. I am guessing that darks should mostly be black with a few 'specks' here and there. Mine looks like a snow storm with a very bad hotspot in the upper right corner. A few questions come to mind.

1. Should darks look like that?

2. If not, will continuing to use this camera just be a frustrating effort as it will probably never produce good images no matter how talented I may become?

3. And finally, if I should abandon the camera, would appreciate any thoughts and observations regarding getting a DSLR or a CMOS/CCD camera. I would ideally like to keep the budget under £300 and I have seen plenty of examples of both type cameras that get good reviews and recommendations.

I want to mainly do DS but won't shy away from moon (my profile pic was taken with the E-500) and planetary if the mood strikes me. I have read the 'bible' (Make Every Photon Count) and reference it often. Any advice or experiences anyone is happy to relay will greatly help my education. Thanks in advance.



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I have seen worse - a lot worse !!!

Overall it doesnt look too bad - the problem in the top corner could be like leakage or it could be amp glow.

Do you cover the viewfinder ?? Light can get to the sensor through the viewfinder a wee piece of gaffer tape will sort that.

There is a school of thought that taking darks with a DSLR is a waste of time as you cant control the temperature - have you tried stacking without darks ??

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Hi Skipper Billy - thank you for your reply. I probably did leave the viewfinder uncovered (I do know to block it out, but as I recall the day, I bet I forgot). I will process the images without the darks and see how they come out.

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