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spaceboy    1,554

Good to hear you got the mount all sorted John. On a side not I wouldn't recommend trying to oil the mount again in the future. Some greases, oils and lubricants don't mix well and can have an adverse reaction. Most of the time you will find a grease will break down and loose any of it's benefit. I think you'll probably be ok on this occasion but it's food for thought in the future.

While most people curse the Chinese tar like grease found on telescope mounts I think it is actually good stuff. It stays in place and works in a variety of temperatures. The only down side of the black tar grease is it does seem to stiffen up in very cold conditions and this is why I have re-greased most of my mounts in the past but instead of lithium based greases I use superlube grease. Again caution has to be taken to remove ALL of the old tar grease to prevent any break down by mixing greases.

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paraman    35
56 minutes ago, whitelines said:

I can't seem to be able to register as you can only see one post as a guest. Wouldn't mind seeing some tutorials.

The shed had a huge spate of Russian spam a while a go so new membership was suspended.  I'm a mod on there so I'll have a word with Dion to see if we can open up to new members again.

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Marci    311

For me that little tiny mm makes the scope move when it's in a almost straight upward or downward position. If I put it horizontal it's fine.

That'll be the weight of focuser / finder being off center...

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