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First time autoguiding with m45


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My first attempt at autoguiding with the 200p on an Eq5 mount!

i was really keen to get out and try it so went for a bright target to test the webcam for sensitivity! The webcam is quite sensitive it turns out and was showing the Pleiades as a Big Dipper lol. 

After a few tweaks on the settings in phd2 we were away imaging at 2 and 3 minute exposures! I have tested longer exposures now but no when doing this target! I have had 10 minute exposures with my setup which I'm really chuffed about! 

This is a stack of 6x 2 minute exposures and 2x 3 minute exposures all at iso1600. I have yet to apply calibration frames. 

Stscked in deepskystacker and tweaked in Photoshop Cs2

scope: Skywatcher explorer 200p camera: Nikon D50

Motor drive: Enhanced dual axis drive with st4 handset.

Autoguiding: Hitec Astro usb guider

 Guidescope: 9x50 finderscope.  

Guide camera: Logitech quickcam Fusion. 

Phd2 used for autoguiding.


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41 minutes ago, Adam J said:

Your guiding is excellent given that this is a 8 inch scope on only a EQ5 mount. Did you have to lose many frames?

Thanks Adam J 

I kept every frame on this run as they were all good, but I have binned some frames from other sessions but not that many to be honest! I have been having a great time with the setup and am impressed with how well it is working! I was a bit worried about how it was going to work! Minimal effort and it worked straight away! I can do 8 minute exposures without any issue also! The only issue I have had was finding guide stars for certain objects as I'm using a standard webcam.

Below is my last sessions guide graph which is the worst I have had so far!


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