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how to use a bincolair to see nightsky a silva pocket and a bresser and again a bresser and fixed porro bincoluairs


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As above, get a copy of Stellarium and load it on your PC.

Set the location to where you are.

Start up Stellarium and press F4, this gives a page to set what you see. In the lower Right of the pane is a setting for DSO Brightness. Set this to 4 and click the box next to it to apply the setting. All the dim objects are removed and you are left with the brighter ones. A setting of Mag 4 should be about right for binoculars although I can see a number that are Mag 6. Not sure what the general light pollution level is where you are.

In general you are going to be thinking of things like M13, M31, M42, M45, C14.

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