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  1. I have decided to leave SGL and this is my last post, after 50 years in amateur astronomy I came here with the intent to learn AP and have gathered enough information now to succeed. I enjoyed my time here but kind of shocking and sad to me that so many of you aren't achieving the level of observation I have known and enjoyed for half a century and for this reason I sadly must depart. Clear/Sky's to all and best of luck and good fortune in this hobby, Indeed.
  2. I magnify m31 to 92x and can make out m32 at that mag. m110 can be seen as it's own entity in the mist at 56x, all with a 3 1/2" mak and see detail. I use a 4 1/2 inch fast scope for low mags and see the whole of m31 at 14x no smudge in sight nothing compared to my z12 but detail as I have described none the less. I think the reason to magnify m31 if you don't know why people do it might be because it can be examined in further detail even with small scopes provided you are at a dark site and are dark adapted. I completed my messier/110 first go round with a questar 90 over 40yrs ago at dark s
  3. Very Nice...good you are out acclamating and getting some good shots too...
  4. Thrue my 90mak in dark sky's m31 and m110 are definable at 56x and at 92x m32 can be isolated. I can see the whole galaxy using my 114mm f/3.9 fl450mm at 14x with hints of dust lanes and structure on the better seeing nights. The Triangulum galaxy nearby shows a prominent swirl but some to little structure otherwise and much dimmer on a good seeing night thrue the 114mm.
  5. Good Capture...hard target. Nice job...
  6. Nice images Charl...cloud preventing me from, can't stop taking pictures of the moon afliction...
  7. I use only use a phone for coordinates when observing on road trips...at home the coordinates have been the same for 20 years...lol...No hassle I think I spent a whole 15min doing all four phones. On a side note your phones GPS will work even when the phone has no call or internet signal
  8. Google play has GPS apps designed for location only that give you coordinates in up to three conversions, I won't suggest the one I'm using on 4 phones because it's no longer available but there are many more. One only has to just invest the time to download and try a few out.
  9. Cell phone GPS apps are available online and and make it easy to get your coordinates when a field as well Stellarium is available for mobil devices. There are even apps for moon atlases and night mode so you can access all your apps and get your bearings without greatly affecting dark adaptation. Sure beats copying star charts in the public library with pencil and pad like when I started in this hobby. Try to put to memory the bright stars that go overhead each night weather you are a field or at home. I typically overview Stellarium each day weather I plan to observe or not, it really helps
  10. Sweet scope...Indeed. Cool you are getting a chance to field test it and good results prevail...
  11. Nice Image...the edit came out great. You certainly can Image Well..
  12. Looks like mahogany/ebony inlay too me and appears to be real wood, the telescope itself looks like a reproduction as it's in too good of shape to be a real vintage example of it's design. More than likely a repro from India or China. Should have an etching or plate if manufactured by a known maker. Certainly a nice looking scope whatever it's origin...
  13. Great images...awesome detail...Indeed.
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