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Western Veil NGC 6960 ( Witch's Broom )


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NGC 6960 

The western Veil  (also known as Caldwell 34 ),consisting of NGC 6960 the" Witch's Broom " Finger of God " or Filamentary Nebula near the foreground star 52 Cygni. 

The Nebula was discovered on 1784 September, 5 by William Herschel 


Right ascension :  20h  45m  38s 

Declination :          +30°  42'  30" 

Apparent magnetude : 7.0


Dob 10inches S/W  F.L.1200/f4.7 

T/S 2inches plossl 30mm   F.O.V.70 


3/10/16   23:15  Monday 



Thanks for looking 













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