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CMOS solar system camera's and Lunt Solar Scope


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I spent most of saturday trying to image the sun using my Lunt LS60 THA pressure tuned scope.  I usually use my ZWO 174mm, and have no problem getting sharp images.  I tried to use my new Celestron neximage 10 solar system color CMOS camera, and although I could get the image into focus the details were always blurry.  I then pulled out my old Mallincam color CMOS solar system camera (I have not used it for the sun either) and had the same problem. Gave up and pulled out my ZWO, and images were perfect.


Is there an issue with color CMOS camera's and the deep red image of the LUNT solar scope, or are these solar system cameras meant to image only the planet and the moon?


Any help would be appreciated




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Hi Mark,

Colour cameras are not ideal for solar imaging. Don't forget that you are using a scope that is working in the near infra-red. 653.2nm. The colour cameras have a bayer matrix, so only a quarter of the pixels will be collecting photons.

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