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I'm curious to know what is the longest exposure you've taken yourself? I know there's people who've taken 1 hour exposures, but has anyone tried any longer?

Would it even be worth taking a 2 hour exposure if your skies allow? Or even longer?

The longest I've taken so far is 30 mins in o111

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10 minutes;a test exposure when shooting the Cygnus Wall. Dialed it down to 8 minutes, because I saw slight trailing.

Depending on wind direction, I can have air traffic coming over. My son likes plane spotting, I don't.

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I routinely run 30 minutes in Ha and sometimes luminance. On my present project, chasing incredibly faint extensions to the Pacman Nebula, I wondered about giving an hour a try. I can easily guide that length but the problem is that 1) we will inevitably pick up interlopers and 2) the number of subs in the stack will be halved, reducing the efficiency of the Sigma clip in rejecting them. I always put experiment first. I've read endless arguments to the effect that there is no advantage to 1x30 over 2x15 but I have not found this to be the case, at least with my own data.


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