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Worm float adjuster woes


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ive started to get some problems with heq5 calibrating in PHD2. The declination kept coming up as problematic whenever I started to calibrate so decided to have a go at following Astrobabys guide on the subject. 

There didn't seem to be anything overally obviously wrong but went about cleaning everything down before drying and greasing everything that needed greasing . My problems started as I tried to get the worm back in. I can't for the life of me understand just how the worm stays in place when I 'try' to tighten the float adapters. Yep, it tightens but proceeds to also screw the float adapter in front of it as well. If I was to turn the mound on its side the whole worm, bearings as well would just fall out it their housing.  I can see the depth of the same float adapters on the RA section and theirs so much deeper..

ive obviously done something really wrong as I can't get the rubber dust cap back on as there isn't enough depth on the float adapter to insert it.

Hopefully one or two of you might of either experienced the same thing or can suggest something that I can do.

Thanks in advance..

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Are you sure you have put BOTH adjusters back in ?  They are adjusted independentlt to centre the worm then adjusted to remove any end float - sounds to me like you are missing the adjuster that the shorter end of the worm shaft fits into - or its not wound in far enough - or the bearing is not properly seated on the worm shaft -  see attached the blue lines point to the two adjusters.



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You're probably right, I need to check exactly where the adapters are as I'm not too sure anymore! I know that 2-4 hrs has been mentioned about this procedure but I've taken considerably longer than that today?

I had trouble taking dark frames with PHD last night for some reason. Never had that before, but I'm sure that I dreamt about bad guiding when I eventually got to sleep. ? No doubt I'll wake up in a cold sweat worrying about the float adapters tonight!!! 

Thanks for your help and I'll let you know.how I get on.

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