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  1. That's fantastic. Many thanks wimvb. ?
  2. Just tried the default setting in masked stretch. Although the noise and dust bunnies are more pronounced, I like the overall detail it's created.
  3. Thanks for the great advice and comments guys. I have one of those light screens which I was aiming to use for flats and as the dust bunnies have been really 'in your face' with this image, it has meant that I'm currently looking where the heck I put it!! I know it's in the house somewhere...……. I've never used it to be fair so haven't a clue how to use it, how bright it supposed to be etc etc but I'll put a search into the top and see what it brings out in the way of advice. Thanks again and I'll have a play around with the image over the next day or so with the tutorial mentioned above by Adrenaline and see how it turn out.
  4. Hi everyone, As the title suggests, this is my first image for ages. I've bought a ZWO 294MC PRO which I used through APT. The scope was my Esprit ED100 and processed through Pixinsight. I'm still finding Pixinsight a bit of a maze to work through so I've followed through some tutorials that are available on youtube and finished up with the image below. 30 light frames of 120 secs. All comments and views on how to improve, with more data and Pixinsight would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Wow, always love your lunar pics Charl and I agree, the 2nd one is a belter, it really is. Well done mate. ?
  6. Thank you Dave. I added the dims up and got the same but coming from DSLR I wanted to ask more qualified individuals just in case! ? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can lead me out of the dark and into the light please! I'm just setting up again after a year or so off grid and have added the ASI 294MC Pro to my Esprit 100. I'm using a Skywatcher field flattener and realise that I need 55mm back focus. I've used from the camera unit the 11mm T2 extender followed by the M42 21mm extender, the M42-48 16.5mm extender before the field flattener and the M48 to T2 adapter to the scope itself. I just need to know whether I'm on the right tracks or if I'm doing something fundamentally wrong. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Totally agree. It's a total pain but I've also built a cupboard in my workshop to store it. Just wish it didn't weigh so much!! :-)
  9. Fabulous image. Impressive and just what I need to see when my mojo is sooooooo low. Thanks for posting.?
  10. +1 for this unless you raise the shed up. Concrete lintels, concrete blocks etc
  11. Any form of impervious barrier will do it. Tim is right, as long as there isn't a bridge you'll be ok. I work for a timber preservation company so we have to re-instate suspended timber floors which have been attacked by decay. There's always a 'cause of rot' and it's invariably due to either a lack of adequate sub floor ventilation or the lack of an effective dpm between the timbers of the floor and any wet medium such as sleeper walls. Treating the exposed timber ends is ok but to protect the ends with an impervious barrier such as a dpm will safeguard everything.
  12. Wow, if that isn't inspirational I don't know what is. Unbelievable. So much talent on this forum, its untrue!
  13. Don't you find that in every club, for every interest and hobby there's going to be at least one negative, know it all prat?
  14. Account settings and then signature. Edit away. Good luck with your new scope. I'm caught between this one and the 120.
  15. Definitely seeing Saturn when I was a teenager through a cheap refractor my dad bought me. Actually trying to get my mind around what I was actually seeing and finding it was just amazing. Hale Bopp as mentioned above. Magical. M42, the 1st time I ever got any image from my attempts when I started AP recently. I think it will always be my favourite if only because I managed to get something! I looked out of my window a couple of nights ago and saw the familiar Orion constellation and it just fills me with a good feeling knowing that it'll be in a handy position in a few months time. I think just ready everyone's posts and getting your juices going again after a what feels like a really 'long time out' due to illness is a great feeling too.
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