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AZ4 smoothing it out.

Alan White

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Well after a number of uses of my AZ4, I was decided it was not as smooth as butter as others have described.
Please don't get me wrong it was OK but not silky or buttery smooth and that was a notable niggle for me.

The mount as a whole is good and my 6" reflector sit well on it.


Stripped the simple construction down and found it was gummed up with the manufacturers lubricating glue like substance.

Degreased everything and rebuilt with moly grease on just the contacting surfaces excluding the teflon surfaces and the mating metal ones.

Now I can describe the AZ4 as buttery smooth and what a wonderful easy motion it has.


Is it just Skywatcher or do other manufacturers spoil products with poor lubricants and set up?


The only thing I now need to do is get a short riser to help the scope clear the legs when at 75 degress or above, shame the Skywatcher one is 16" long!

Has anyone else modified around this mount.

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typos as always!
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you did just what i did when i got what is my second AZ4 (should never have sold the first) the black Moly grease in moderation works a treat

Im lucky i dont need a pillar extension, but you might be able to get a local fabrication shop to make one for a small charge 

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I did just that too, except I used Castrol grease. I also had a tripod extension made. I think it's 11 inches or thereabouts. Very handy.

I also find it much easier not to use the included pan-handle. It just messed with the balance for me.

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