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DSLR Modification Auto Focus/Colour Questions

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Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my 1000d and currently thinking of a second hand 650d, which is about the top of my budget at the moment. I want to modify the camera for astro use but still be able to use it for daytime photography too (thinking of using cheap astrophotography to do the mod). I understand that the mod option which uses a baader replacement filter will allow me to still use the camera for daylight use but what I want to know is how accurate is the autofocus after this mod? Cheap astrophotography says... "During the modification, the camera is re-shimmed in order to maintain its autofocus capability...". Sounds good, but how accurate is this, will it be as good as it was before? Also what's the colour like for daytime photos with the custom white balance, as good as before or not? Hope to hear from some folks. Cheers.

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I doubt the colour correction will be as good even the Canon factory modified ones with a less aggressive filter are said to be less than perfect on all occasions, what I will say is the the 650D is a great camera and does have decent red response in standard trim


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I use a modified canon 6d. I didn't notice any difference after modification of the autofocus . For daylight photography I'm adviced the pictures are slightly  red although I haven't noticed this either . I've only ever taken a few daylight photos though !!! 

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